The Academy of High Musical Performance was born as a connection between the Academy and the Superior Center of Music of Galicia. It is about bringing students closer to internationally renowned teachers who perform their pedagogical role at CSM Galicia. It is an academy that brings together music studies for children and adults under the tutelage of a private higher education music center.

Instrument classes are led by internationally renowned teachers in pedagogical teams that set the same line of technical and interpretive work to achieve the highest level of each student.

Our educational project goes beyond the mere learning of an instrument, the projection of the integral development of each of the students is sought, with a work focused on excellence through concerts, recitals, competitions and other activities that promote pedagogical, academic development and professional of the student body.

In music training classes they are created by groups of students in order to develop the integration of all of them regardless of the level of each one.

The AHMP (Academy of High Musical Performance) of CSM Galicia will help you project and achieve the best education for a fruitful musical career


The CSM Galicia AHMP is aimed at young talents, thus promoting:

1. Developing his talent at an early age.
2. Promotion of your musical skills.
3. Approach to a field of excellence.
4. Preparation for the entrance exams of any national or international music center.

The AHMP of the CSM Galicia is oriented to the preparation of entrance tests:

1. Development of specific tests to access a national or international center.
2. Theoretical / practical musical work.
3. Approach to a field of academic, professional and labor excellence.

The AHMP of CSM Galicia is aimed at students who want to perfect their technique once they have finished their studies:

1. Demanding work of excellence with the national and international teachers of AHMP & CSM Galicia.
2. Concerts with different groups.
3. Preparation and participation in the contests of the AHMP & CSM Galicia and others.
4. Preparation of entrance exams to National and International Orchestras.
5. Refinement of the orchestral repertoire with great soloists invited by AHMP & CSM Galicia.



Wood Wind

The itinerary of woodwind has the specialities of flute, oboe, basson, saxophone and clarinet.

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The brass itinerary has the specialities of trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba/euphonium.

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The Strings itinerary has the specialities of violin, viola, cello and double bass.

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In the itinerary of guitar you can meet our professor Mateo Arnáiz.

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Contemporary and Jazz Music

In the Contemporary and Jazz Music itinerary you can choose between these specialities; saxophone, piano, trombone, double bass, percussion, guitar and voice.

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In the itinerary of Acordion you can meet our professor Vadim Yukhnevich.

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In this itinerary you can meet the professor Cristina Montes.

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In this itinerary you can meet our professor Fernando Buide del Real.

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Production and Management

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Early Music

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Traditional Music of Galicia

Visit the page of the Galician Music and meet our professorship!


Meet Pere Molina, professor of this itinerary and principal of the CSM Galicia.

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From the Academy together with the CSM Galicia concerts, recitals and competitions for the enrolled students will be organized

Concerts and Recitals of the AARM & CSM Galicia

They will be concerts organized in various theaters, auditoriums, churches and spaces where the work done at the academy can be shown. The academy itself together with CSM Galicia has a large auditorium with more than 500 seats (Valga Auditorium).


The AARM pedagogical team together with CSM Galicia will organize competitions such as participation in the World Music Competition 29th edition 2021.

We will have the commitment to prepare students to participate in other national and international competitions, always under the supervision of the student’s teacher. The activities carried out with the AARM & CSM Galicia will be recorded in multi-camera audio and video, for the promotion of the student. This recording will be delivered to the students.

Class development

The students of the AHMP & CSM Galicia will receive a class with the teacher they select after having successfully completed the admission tests. They will obtain classes mainly from the specialty that they have taken the test.

Instrument classes will last 1 hour and 30 minutes / week, agreed with the teacher. (The schedule will be agreed with the management team and professor of the specialty). Instrument classes with accompanying pianist will last 2 hours and 30 minutes / month, agreed with the teacher. (The schedule will be agreed with the management team and professor of the specialty).

Chamber music classes will be held with CSM Galicia students, participating in CSM Galicia concerts, among others.

The AHMP & CSM Galicia students will be able to access all the masterclasses organized from the CSM Galicia. Chamber masters will be admitted as hearing students in all the classes, being able to access as active students in the master classes of their own instrument.


You can know the facilities of our Academy of High Musical Performance by visiting the web gallery. The location of the Academy is the Valga Auditorium (Pontevedra).


To enroll at AHMP & CSM Galicia, it’s necessary to take an entrance test that will consist of:

1. Interview with the teacher together with the management team of AARM & CSM Galicia who will assess the possibility of an entrance test. It will talk about the repertoire to be interpreted.
2. Carrying out the entrance test with interpretation of the works agreed at the meeting.
3. Enrollment after successfully passing the entrance exams.
4. The price of the inscription to the entrance tests of the AARM & CSM Galicia will be 120 €.

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