One of the most critically acclaimed conductors of the Spanish scene, Cristóbal Soler, professor of Conducting at CSM Galicia, will conduct “Anatomy of Zarzuela”, an unavoidable event for lovers of the genre. In his opinion, “one of our objectives should be to value our Spanish lyrical heritage and what better than with the RTVE choir and orchestra.”

There will be three occasions in which you can enjoy this show, a recreation of different historical moments of the Zarzuela under the gaze of stage director Hugo Pérez de la Pica. It will consist of choirs, preludes, intermediates and famous numbers of zarzuelas composed by Barbieri, Vives, Sorozábal, Chueca, Giménez, Luna, Lleó, Alonso, Chapí, Moreno Torroba, Bretón and Guerrero.

Under the baton of Cristóbal Soler will participate the RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir and will feature soprano Lorena Valero, who will offer a masterclass at CSM Galicia, and baritone Sebastià Peris as solo singers. Attendees will be able to enjoy such well-known titles as Doña Francisquita, La corte de Pharaoh, La Revoltosa, Luisa Fernanda, La verbena de la Paloma and The Host of Seville, among others.


cristobal soler profesor de csm galicia


If you want to enjoy this event, you can do it on two dates and two different locations: on September 8 at the Royal Palace of Aranjuez at 10 p.m. and on September 12 and 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Monumental Theater. You can buy tickets for the Monumental Theater here

We invite you to enjoy the interview we did with Cristóbal Soler on the occasion of his incorporation into the Superior Music Center of Galicia here.