We meet Isidro Vidal

Isidro Vidal started in traditional Galician music when he was only 7 years old. He has been trained with teachers such as Carlos Núñez, Anxo Lorenzo, David Bellas, Ernesto Campos, Paulo P. or Patrick Molard.

He has continued his musical and academic path obtaining the Professional Title of Gaita Gallega at the Conservatorio Mayéusis de Vigo and his Higher Degree at CSM Galicia. He completed training in the construction of traditional instruments – Galician bagpipes, in the Obradoiro de Instrumentos Tradicionales y Populares of the Diputación de Ourense and in the Municipal School of Arts and Crafts of Vigo.

In addition, he is trained in percussion, singing, guitar, clarinet, hurdy gurdy, requinta, whistle and composition. He has published a dozen recordings with different groups of traditional music, folk, indie pop and participated as a composer in the publication of the book “Gaita 2.1 Musicas del XXI a Xeito Tradicional”, edited by Dos Acordes.

He has toured Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States with different formations of folk, traditional and indie pop music. In 2018 he carried out the project #Composicion365 composing one musical piece a day, thus drawing the attention of Clipper’s Sound in 2019, with whom he signed a record contract for the production of his first single “Boom“.

In addition to his life as an artist, performer and composer, Isidro is a teacher at the Porriño Municipal Music School, the Cea School of Traditional Music, the Boborás Music School and the Carballiño Tradepop Music School.


The interview

Isidro Vidal tells us about his experience as a performer and composer. We wanted to know how it had been for him the experience of starting a unique and personal project without anyone else. He has been, not only a self-taught person when it comes to promoting and selling his personal brand, but he has been innovative and disruptive in treating the bagpipe, his instrument, as one more cog in electronic music.

In addition to giving a 360º turn to the music written for Galician bagpipes, it has shown that it is a versatile instrument and adaptable to other musical genres, which, in Isidro’s own words, makes people who keep the traditions, because while some take care of them, others give them a new life. Evolution is part of tradition.


We are delighted to see how great Isidro is doing! We are proud to have had someone with such talent and such good artistic ideals at our center. We hope to hear from Isidro’s andaina soon, good luck.

We leave you here his interview and interesting links so that you know all his work.


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