Management and Production CSM Galicia Professors

 You can read his full CV here.


Management Professor

Born in Valencia in 1963. He has a degree and a doctorate in economics and a full professor of applied economics, Universitat de València; Director of Tourism and Leisure Strategies, Research Unit; Co-director of the Postgraduate in Business Management of Music, Universitat de València, Fundació Universitat-Empresa ADEIT.

Editor, former coordinator and professor of Tourism Degree -Facultat d’Economia, UV– and promoter and professor of the Degree in Gastronomic Sciences. Currently he teaches the following subjects: Event, Business and Congress Tourism · Complementary Leisure Offer · Applied Economics · Public Policies · Art and Gastronomy.

He is Professor in MBA Junior EDEM, School of Entrepreneurs and Tourism Advisor of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs, AVE.

You can read his full CV here.


Audiovisual Media Tecnics Professor

Superior Technician in Sound and Electronics expands his training at the University of Valencia in sound systems and noise pollution.

He studied Music at the Valencia Conservatory, medium degree in Clarinet, Solfeggio, harmony, choral ensemble.

He is a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society) and IMDb (International Movie database).

He is currently Manager and Technical Director in Musical recordings for DBC Estudios – Crisanjor S.L., as well as Postproduction Technician, Sound design for Cinema, television and Advertising for AC Estudis S.A.

He has taught as Professor of Audio and Applied Technologies SUPERIOR STUDIO RECORDING STUDIES for the school of Sound Estudios Millenia – Valencia and ProTools Courses for AIDO – Valencia.

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