Position: Violoncello Main Guest Professor
Categories: Bowed Strings

Violoncello Soloist of the National Orchestra of Spain, Professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu de Barcelona and Guest Professor at the Conservatorio de Rotterdam.

He has won the First Prize of different National Contests (Musical Youth, General Directorate of Music and Theater). He regularly participates in prestigious Chamber Cycles with groups such as Plural Ensemble, Zarabanda, and Camerata Sa Nostra and in International Festivals such as Presences 2000 (Paris), A Tempo (Caracas), Dublin, USA etc.
He was part of the Cloister of Music Teachers in Compostela between 2013 and 2018 and recently of the International Jury A. Janigro (Croatia).
He plays a J. Guadagnini “Il Soldato” instrument donated by the COLUMBUS FOUNDATION.

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